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Happy Birthday Kitty Dog Dog!


After an mysterious dog toy death last year, we decided it was best to have one birthday for all 3 to avoid any more jealousy problems.

dog birthday cake


I decided to make a birthday cake.

It was a peanut butter cake layered with chopped liver & rice and with a bacon and white meat chicken frosting.

I can’t bake at all so if I can do this you can!



Spot the Cat 1 year birthday


Spot really liked his birthday hat.

I am pretty sure he wants to wear hats all the time.

They have a lovely selection on Esty of knitted cat hats with matching cuffs and bow ties.

They have a lot of choices so cats must really like this sort of thing.



pet birthday


After singing happy birthday, everyone lined up for a piece of cake.  It was really good.  (I didn’t try it or anything, but say I got curious because it smelled really good and tried it, I am pretty sure it was awesome).


Kitty Dog Dog eating their birthday cake


They look so peaceful right?  WRONG! This was seriously an ordeal. We had to cut the damn thing several times so that all pieces looked the same because the little buggers watched us like hawks and then compared each others plates before finally deciding it was fair.

After everyone was confident they all had the exact same sized piece, they finally enjoyed their cake and I could get a picture.


cat in bag


Everyone opened presents.  Spot’s present was a handmade felt cat cave.

It was a success….

sort of.


Spot the cat dog


Lily and Copper got some great canvas dog toys.

Unfortunately, they mysteriously combusted.



Everyone played for hours, watched star trek and fell asleep in front of the tv.  Overall, I would say it was a success!!

kitty dog dog


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